Have a Seat at the Table

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I’m so excited to launch youthministryroundtable.com.  We pray that this web site will encourage and equip folks who work in youth ministry to engage students with the gospel and advance the Kingdom of Christ.

In the legend of King Arthur, the king and his knights sat at a round table.  There was no foot and no head.  Each person sat at the table as an equal, as one who was called to serve the King and his Kingdom.  I pray that Youth Ministry Round Table will be that type experience for you.  Here you will sit with our writing contributors, who come for various backgrounds in youth ministry:  academicians, leaders of youth parachurch ministries, youth pastors, youth evangelists, and authors of youth resources and curriculum.  Our contributors offer blog posts related to five categories:  youth evangelism/missions/apologetics, youth discipleship, youth and family, youth leadership, and youth and culture.  Understand that our contributors who are youth pastors serve in small, medium, and large sized churches.  What we all have in common is our love for Jesus Christ and our love for students.

We also invite you to have a voice at the table.  Each month we will pick the best blog post written by one of you related to one of the five categories mentioned above.  You can send your posts to tim@youthministryroundtable.com.   I will pick one post from the submissions I receive.

In addition, we hope to add a resources page to our site that will offer youth workers helpful tools for youth ministry.  Because we are a nonprofit ministry, you will be able to obtain these resources by simply making a donation.  If you cannot afford them, you will have the opportunity to download them for free.

In addition, we have a Facebook group that allows youth workers to interact with each other and to ask questions of our contributors.  If you want to be a part of that group, simply ask to join.  Don’t forget to “like” us while you are there. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ymroundtable.

Again, we hope to encourage you and equip you in your ministry to youth.  On behalf of all of our contributors, welcome to the round table.

 Have a seat at the table!

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Dr. Tim McKnight is the Executive Director of YouthMinistryRoundTable.com. He is also Assistant Professor of Missions and Youth Ministry at Anderson University. He has over 21 years of experience in ministry, serving churches in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. He served in youth ministry for 12 years and in the pastorate for 9 years. In addition, Dr. McKnight served as an infantry chaplain in the U.S. Army, deploying on Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom in 2001. He has also co-founded Carolina Family Planning Centers and founded Twin Vision Consultants, a church consultation team that helps congregations become healthy and growing churches. He has also served as a disaster relief chaplain in multiple settings in recent years, including in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina. Tim is currently serving as Interim Youth Pastor at Concord Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina.